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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am realizing the older I get, that I am still figuring out the answer to this question, and yet, I had it most right the first time I was asked. Probably around age 5, I decided I wanted to be an artist. Several sketches, paintings, art classes and at-home craft projects later, I realized most of my friends wanted to be doctors or teachers or work for their family business. So, I found other things I enjoyed and slowly set aside the paint brush for writing assignments, and retired my smock for a business suit. Thankfully, I have always returned to art as an outlet, and whether i'm painting, crafting, or cake decorating, I am able to tune the rest of the world out and truly focus on what I'm doing. It's nothing close to the battle i've fought against writers block or the cups of coffee i've downed to stay focused at work, it's someting that comes more naturally to me.  So when I became obsessed with cake decorating, I realized it's no wonder, fondant isn't much different than sculpting a ball of clay and piping is much like the puff paint that graced many a neon t-shirt in third grade. Baking involves science, and decorating involves art. So who said my dream isn't practical? I'm practically in love with it in the form of deliciousness.


  1. Amanda I am so proud of you for going after what makes you inspired and most important Happy! Can't wait to be your neighbor!!!! <3
    Your long lost friend and wife,
    Laura !

  2. Thanks Laura I'm super excited!! I really REALLY can't wait for you to be my neighbor! BTW- I would love to meet your friend who does cakes too!
    Glad we found each other friend =)