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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Extra Helping for Help 4 Kids!

I have been thinking about ways I can use my business to help others, and aside from helping people to love cake, I have planned on finding ways to use my business to help meet the needs of others. This could be emotional needs, spiritual needs, or physical needs. So when my aunt Ivana mentioned she was hosting a purse party to benefit the organization where she works, Help 4 Kids International, it was a perfect fit for my plans of using my cakes for a good cause. Especially since the organization brings healthcare, food, and support in many other ways to children living in extreme poverty. With Ivana's ideas, we designed the purse cake, highlighting Africa, and the country where Help 4 Kids International is very active- Uganda. I was so glad to hear the purse party was a hit and a ton of fun! Best of luck to Help 4 Kids International!

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