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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Sweets!

With the recent, and healthy Pinterest craze that helps so many become excellent party planners,  it is only expected that I would get many an email including links to Pinterest pics for cake/ cake pop and cupcake requests! I get so many of my ideas and inspiration from theres, so I encourage it! I do try to customize and add my own flare, but here are 2 examples of cake/cupcake ideas that were borrowed from the awesome and helpful virtual pinboard tool.

Cake #1 above was inspired by one of my "pins" and requested by a client in a smaller size, as pictured by clicking here. The cupcakes were actually dually inspired, The Pinterest picture that was sent to me from a client, was inspired by the rocket pops we so loved to enjoy as kids!

So pin away Pinterest lovers, and send me your links! Check out my boards here, and follow "Cakes I Made" if you'd like!

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