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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Name, a Name, What's in a Name?

So, some of you have been asking me for updates on my business. And I have been able to update many of you in person, but for those of you I see less frequently, here's a little briefing.

After much deliberation, brainstorming, research, and feedback from many of you, I have chosen a name! I am simply waiting on finding a place to rent kitchen space from and registering my business until I announce it, create a logo, a website or do any heavy marketing. So thanks for all of your help with suggestions and feedback, it is much appreciated. I do want to note I have received many witty suggestions from friends, a few being, "Cake it or Leave it", "The Sweetest Thing- we are the icing on the cake" and "Cake me Home Tonight". It's not that I don't love these, oh I do, I am simply thinking about meeting all of my audiences with the name I choose...your names made it to my blog though :-)

In the meantime, I really appreciate all of your referrals and word of mouth marketing. I have been very blessed to have the word spread without me even trying by a great network of family and friends. I am thankful to you and to God for any success that comes my way.

Stay tuned, I hope to announce more updates soon! Sorry for the teaser!

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