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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Incredibly AWESOME 6th Birthday

A few months back, I met a couple very fun ladies while working. I was enjoying talking with them and conversation came up about starting my own cake business. No sooner than I said that, did Julia mention her grandson, Sol would be turning 6 soon, and HAD to have an Incredible Hulk cake. Sure enough, his August birthday started nearing, and I got a call from Julia requesting the cake. I emailed her some different options for the cake- ones more whimsical/ innocent in nature, and others showing Hulk in all his powerful, sometimes destructive glory. I loved that she knew the whimsical ones just would not do, and that Sol would want to see the real deal Hulk, not a cartoon-y, less tough version.
I loved that the birthday boy's name "Sol" (meaning sun in Spanish) portrayed power and grandeur and had sort of the same monosyllabic sound as "Hulk", so I decided to give him "the Incredible Sol" title, just like his favorite hero. And of course the Hulk had to be busting through the tough concrete on the top of the cake- all the while with a smile on his face! Happy Birthday Sol, hope this year is incredible!

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