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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dream Wedding Cake?

I had the honor of being asked to create a cake display for a night celebrating talents in August for PhoenixONE. While thinking about what to create for this event, in the limited amount of time I had to create display items, I decided instead of multiple cakes, to decorate one, big, smashing cake. Since I don't have any samples of completed wedding cakes photographed to date, I decided to create a display wedding cake. This means that instead of yummy goodness inside, it simply has either Styrofoam or plastic underneath, but the same decor on the outside that a normal cake would.

Since the cake wasn't needed for a real wedding, and I wasn't working around any requests, I got to come up with the wedding cake I wanted to create, from scratch! It was kind of funny... well, designing my own wedding cake. When the big day occurs, who knows what decorative decisions I will actually make, but I got to incorporate some design elements I was really looking forward to demonstrating- the folds in the bustle of a wedding dress on the top of the cake, the sparkles, and the fabric embellishments. Some of my personal favorite wedding cakes incorporate elements from the dress, and bouquet. At the same time, I like a cake that is simple yet elegant. Stay tuned for more of my own wedding cakes (Styrofoam filled ones).

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  1. that is a pretty fantastic looking wedding cake. styrofoam filling and all!