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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Two Two Train Cake!

I stole this creative blog title from my friend Megan, who hosted a train themed birthday party for her now toddler Evan! The party was complete with railroad signs, a giant train set as a birthday gift, and a birthday boy dressed as a conductor. So Megan asked me to make a cake to suit the occasion. She had the idea of making the train tracks 2-shaped, and we were able to use cupcakes for ease of serving while still having the decorated tiny train cakes. The cargo was none other than jelly beans and animal crackers and I'm pretty sure it was a party on the train as well as around it! Loved making this cake, but even better was seeing Evan's face and hearing him repeat "train cake!" and he saw it. Pure cuteness! Happy 2nd birthday Evan!

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