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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gender Cakes! A Pink or Blue Surprise

I had never heard of a gender cake before my friend Heather called me and asked me to bake one for her and her husband Jeremy. She was getting closer to her 18th week of pregnancy and could not wait to find out their little baby's gender.

She had gotten the idea from a friend to surprise family with the baby's gender by baking a cake using pink or blue coloring and cutting open the cake after dinner to find out the surprise color. I had heard of something similar to this where another friend of mine used a message inside of a fortune cookie to let her family know she was having a girl. What was truly unique about Heather's request was that she didn't even want to know the sex of the baby before she cut open the cake- this meant the gender would be sent straight to me via the Dr's office (phone call in her case-  written letter in a sealed envelope is also an option). I was glad Heather booked with me a month ahead of time because the "reveal" dinner was scheduled the same day as her Ultrasound appointment, and I had about an 8 hour window to complete her cake from baking to decorating to delivering (with other business demands to juggle). Thankfully, I was able to keep a secret before her cake cutting, and she and Jeremy were super stoked to find out IT'S A GIRL!!! I hope you enjoyed your pink velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy and the life of your baby girl!

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