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Friday, January 25, 2013

Butterflies for Every Occasion! Cake + Cupcakes + Smash Cake

For Sage's bright personality, pretty purple, pink and yellow were only appropriate when choosing her  birthday colors! And the free spirit that she is, she had to have butterflies! Mom ordered a smash cake just for Sage, Mini Butterfly cupcakes for tiny hands to grab, and a butterfly cake as the centerpiece of the party as well as treat for the mommy guests!

Not too long after Sage's party, I had an order for more Butterfly cupcakes. This time for an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) participant's 11th year of sobriety! Butterflies (which were created by hand with chocolate) of course symbolize freedom,  Maroon was the color of the chip she earned, and pink was her favorite color. Such a cool milestone to celebrate and what better way than with cupcakes =)

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