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Monday, January 9, 2012

Doug's Classic Acoustic Guitar Cake!

The final product with all of the edible, hand ma
From cake base to final touches!
My friend Nicole and I started chatting about a month in advance about her cake order for her boyfriend Doug. She knew well in advance she wanted to order him a guitar cake due to his love for the instrument, and I was excited to do an acoustic guitar cake! She saw my previous post about the Fender Stratocaster cake (a type of electric guitar) I made for my dad, which is where she got the idea. Some people have asked me if I use a guitar pan for my guitar cakes, and I personally do not, as I know I will have requests for varying types and for varying sizes, so my cake are all sculpted by hand. I look forward to more custom guitar cakes in the future! Can someone consider ordering a key-tar cake? I kind of want to make one of these as well =) 
Happy Birthday Doug!

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