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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Pretty Peacock Cake for a Pretty Lady!

This cake I call the "Machelle Cake", named after my stepmom who I made if for. It was her birthday recently and as a supporter of my business, I wanted to honor her! She not only lent me her Kitchenaid for almost a year until I got my own, but has also been an encourager of starting my own business, having been through the same thing herself.

Over the course of several years, Machelle and my dad have dedicated their free time toward starting a non-profit organic pet-food business that will benefit avian rescues. So many people buy exotic birds, only to find out they were not prepared for the sometimes 20+ year commitment. Avian rescues provide a place for these feathered creatures when their owners have given up or are no longer able to care for them.  Even while on a break from the business after their move to Arizona, she has been dedicated to researching diets that will help benefit birds who pluck all of their feathers out and publishes her findings on her blog to the avian community. Her bird food diets have been known to have remarkable results on many "pluckers" and their beautiful feathers have started to grow back almost immediately after starting the diets. 

Because of their love for birds, I wanted to create an extra special cake for her...something including feathers! I ended up making a hand-painted, glittery cake using  using a Peacock feather theme to personify what I think are some of her greatest qualities. The many colors are for her creative and inventive qualities; she is strong as well as gentle, and beautiful- caring for the "least" the way Jesus does. Happy Birthday Machelle, I hope you enjoyed your German Chocolate Peacock cake!

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