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Monday, March 12, 2012

Gender Reveal Mania!!

I have seen these things ALL over lately, and I can't mention enough how COOL it is to know the gender of the baby while making the cake, and sometimes even before the parent has found out! If you are ever interested in ordering a gender reveal cake, scheduling the cake weeks in advance is more than possible, on or around the date of your 18ish week ultrasound, and even coordinating a gender neutral design as to leave it a mystery for your cake-eating guests. If the order is planned in advance, I am able to expect a call 1-2 days before the cake is needed to let me know whether it is a go for "Pink" or "Blue". I have even received a call from a doctor's office to let me know the gender before since the parents wanted to be just as surprised! So, I love this idea!
I know what you are wondering...well, was it PINK or BLUE??? In the case above, it was 2 layers of blue for TWIN boys! Congrats to my client Tosha and her hubby!!

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