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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Real Men Eat Cake.

Jagermeister Cake (Cake #1 described below)

Steelers Cake (Cake #2)
So, I had just started to feel like as a Cake Baketress, I was beginning to specialize in the frilly and the girly, when I happened to get 2 cakes scheduled for one week with, well, some male appeal. Not to say that every man doesn't love a good cake pop (they really do), but I can imagine they do not oOoh and Awe at some of the ruffly cakes I make for, well, chicks. Being that I am a chick, of course I have the my own personal feminine style, but it is just fun to make cake for a guy every once in awhile. So I was excited when a past coworker ordered cake #1 pictured above, for his BFF's birthday shindig! First of all, that kind of bro-mance touches my heart, and second of all, I love that he took part in personalizing the design of the cake! So cool.

Cake #2, was ordered by one of my besties for her husband. It was particularly cute, because I'm pretty sure she got him into the Steelers, but also because it was a surprise. She met me out front to secretly intercept the delivery! So, for all you real men out there, enjoy your cake! And it can even look pretty, oops, I mean "cool", too =)

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  1. It was amazing and he was so surprised when I walked in with it. The girls too! Thank you!!!