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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Antique Road Show Cake- Trunk full of goodies!

Have you ever had a company you loved working with, and when someone asks you for a recommendation for a particular product or service, you LOVE telling people about them? That's how I feel when I go to, Rick at Unified Financial Services (Camelback Location). He is great to work with, so professional, and I even enjoy my appointment when I go in...crazy huh! So I was not surprised when he  told me that he and Matt, over at UFS, were hosting a super cool, creative event for their clients, an Antique Roadshow event. That's right, you may have seen the shows on TV, there is an appraiser on sight who is an expert in buying and selling antiques, and he or she can tell you the value of your heirloom. They asked me to be creative and come up with a design, and the first thing that popped into my mind was an old trunk, overflowing with valuable antique goodies. They loved the idea, and asked me to also create some take home cupcakes for their clients, customized with their logo. When I went to deliver the desserts, I got a sneak peak of the event, which was decked out with prizes, and decor to fit the theme. No wonder why people love going to them, so fun and great to work with! If you are considering financial planning or need someone great when tax season kicks in, ask for Rick or Matt at UFS!

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