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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Longtime friends of mine, Breanna and Scottie Chanson, and founders of Radiant Photography, called me a couple of months ago to create a Hollywood Hill cake for their California themed party. When Breanna described to me her excitement about the decor including star shaped cookies and fun California themed music, I knew the party's ambiance was going to be outstanding. She said the cake could be basic, as long as it fit the Hollywood Hill theme, and to "run with it". Those were the magic words that got me excited, and immedately my wheels were spinning with ideas. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love creative custom cakes that are not meant to look like cakes, the more creative and artsy I can get, the more fun it is for me to design. My sister and I had a great time sculpting, mixing colors, and finding different textures to make it look like a an outdoor landscape. To our surprise to less "neat" it looked, the better it looked. Such a fun cake to do, and if you were wondering about the "dirt" above and below the Hollywood sign, it's brown sugar :-)

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